Janice Cindy Gaudet

Cindy is a Métis researcher and educator from Saskatchewan. She recently joined the University of Alberta as an Assistant Professor at Campus Saint-Jean. She is committed to a de-colonial approach in research, wellbeing and pedagogy by centering Indigenous knowledge.  She completed her PhD at the University of Ottawa, Faculty Health Sciences. Her research with Moose Cree First Nation in Moose Factory, Ontario, focused on Indigenous research methodology and land-based initiatives for Omushkego youth wellbeing and its correlation to milo pimatisiwin. Cindy and Courtney worked together on the below publication:

Cindy Gaudet. “Pimatisiwan: Women, Wellness, and Land-based Practices for Omushkego Youth.” In. Michael A. Robidoux and Courtney W. Mason (eds.), A Land Not Forgotten: Indigenous Food Security and Land-Based Practices of Northern Ontario. (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 2017, 124-145).