Michael works with a multidisciplinary team of researchers focusing on local dietary and physical practices in remote First Nations communities in northern Canada and other international settings. Increasingly local land based (traditional) dietary strategies are being influenced by global forces, resulting in more western based, prepackaged, store bought diets. The common goal of my research is to understand how local dietary strategies may contribute to improved health and how local diets can thrive within this global environment. Michael and Courtney have collaborated on a number of publications:

Michael A. Robidoux., Courtney W. Mason. (eds.), A Land Not Forgotten: Indigenous Food Security and Land-Based Practices of Northern Ontario (Winnipeg: University of Manitoba Press, 2017).

Sonia Wesche, Michael A, Robidoux, Meagan Ann O’Hare** and Courtney W. Mason. “From the Ground Up: Building Indigenous Food Security in the Northwest Territories through Land-Based Programs.” Canadian Food Studies 3, 2 2016, 22-48.

Stephen Adams**, Courtney W. Mason and Michael A. Robidoux. “‘If You Don’t Want to Get Hurt, Don’t Play Hockey’: The Uneasy Efforts of Hockey Injury Prevention in Canada.” Sociology of Sport Journal 32, 3, 2015, 248-265.”