Current Teaching at Thompson Rivers University

TMGT – 4700-01: Indigenous Tourism: Colonial Power, Politics and Practices

Course Description:

This interdisciplinary course will provide a critical examination of the historical and contemporary issues in Indigenous tourism economies. It will center on the colonial power relations, political contexts and legal developments that have shaped land use management and tourism development in Canada and in many nations globally. In this course students will explore how settler colonialism is based on the dispossession of Indigenous peoples from land and a form of repression that is ongoing. By focusing on the critical perspectives offered in scholarly literature, students will first understand why inequalities exist and then explore how to address these pressing issues from both theoretical and practical approaches in tourism industries. This course is designed to broaden student understandings of these tourism economies and the specific settler colonialism that they contribute to and exist within.

TMGT 4980-01: Globalization, Sport and Megaevents

Course Description:

This course examines sport and tourism events from global perspectives in order to understand the socio-economic, political and cultural factors that shape our understandings of these industries and their broader societal impacts. We investigate: social dimensions of sport and megaevents in Canadian society; relationships with culture, mass media and politics; sporting structures in Canada and the global sport system; sport events and social inequalities, identities, gender relations; commercialization of sport; social justice and pressing issues within sport systems. This course is in a lecture format, featuring a combination of class lectures and discussions. Selected readings and topics provide the foundation for student contributions to group class discussions and for the development of the assignment for individual students.

TMGT 4020: Graduating Seminar

Course Description:

This course deals with designing and executing a research project of your choice, to be completed within the semester. The course is in seminar format, featuring a combination of brief lectures, class discussions, small group work, and student presentations. Selected readings will provide the foundation for student contributions to class discussions and for the development of individual projects.

Regular Guest Lectures: Tourism Management, Anthropology and Sociology,  Food Science, Law, Adventure Studies and History Departments.

Teaching at the University of Ottawa 


Policy Analysis of Sport, Physical Activity and Tourism in Canada (APA 5305). University of Ottawa.


Recreation, Sport and Community Development (APA 3118). University of Ottawa.

Sociology of Sport in Canada (APA 1302). University of Ottawa.

Leisure, Tourism and Cultural Development (LSR 3107). University of Ottawa.

Leisure and Tourism in Canadian Society (LSR 1105). University of Ottawa.

Teaching at the University of Alberta 

Senior Research Experience: Methods and Methodologies (PERLS 495). University of Alberta.

Principles of Tourism (RLS 263). University of Alberta.